Printing Companies

Do you know that the letterheads, the brochures, the visiting cards, and other printed materials of your company act like its brand ambassadors? Quality of goods and services apart, individuals also determine the reputation of a company by the quality of its stationery. This is why you should take no chances and entrust the job of printing the letterheads, visiting cards and other printed material that represent your company to a trustworthy printer. General printers hardly bother to educate you about the GSM (grams per square metre, which determines the thickness of the paper) of paper that you should use for the letterhead of your company, or whether to use plain board or ivory board for your visiting cards.

Reputation and year of establishment

Search online for printers in london and you will come across many companies based in this city that specialise in printing. However, you should first check the number of years the company has been in the business. No doubt, a reputable company will charge you more for printing the same material compared to the lesser known ones, but the expertise the former have pays off the extra amount they charge. They also have professional artists and typographers in their staff that will assist you to select a suitable colour combination for the name of your company and another for the address. They will also suggest whether you should use sans serif type such as Arial, for the name of the company and serif type like Times Roman for the address. They will also advise you about which colour combination is suitable, especially if you use a tented paper. Only those who have years of experience can guide you properly about these things and much more.

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Types of printing

There are several methods that printers employ for printing. One of the oldest, and most probably obsolete is the type printing press in which pieces of lead types (technically known as fonts) were put side by side to create words. A rotating cylinder used to apply ink on the types, following which the letters would impact with the paper, forming an impression. Nowadays, offset printing is the preferred printing method of most printers. In this method, the types are etched on a flexible aluminium plate, which is put on a roller. While rotating, this roller first comes in touch with a smaller cylinder coated with ink. The ink deposits on the etched areas and from it to the paper. Speed and quality are the main advantages of offset printing machines.

The main advantage of offset

There are many other types of printing processes such as:




Silk Screen


Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, silk screen is ideal for visiting cards, whereas litho is best for printing a huge number of folders or pamphlets. Since it is impossible for the common person to understand what type of printing method is best suited for his requirements, it is better to leave the task to reputable printers in London.